Buying Antique Western Spurs

Here are a list of things to remember and consider when buying any antique westerns spurs or collectable boot spurs. They are not a definitive guide of what to look for but these points will help you with buying items at auctions and finding new gems for your boot spur collection.


Make sure that you know the history of the spur you are buying. Is the seller reputable? If you a buying them on eBay, make sure that you look for good feedback on the seller. Find out how to do this here.


The markings on the western spurs will let you know who made them and in what time period. The North and Judd anchor mark for example. Know your markings!


Each maker has their own design style and unique manufacturing methods when they made their boot spurs. Some use certain styles of Rowel and others have different shaped shanks - so bear this information in mind. You will soon be able to spot the maker with just a glance.


Whether you collect new or old spurs, taking the age into account when buying will allow you to make the right purchase. I suggest that you cross reference the item against another item that has sold. If the price seems to good to be true, bear that in mind. Even really old spurs are not always what they appear to be.


Buying antique spurs at an online auction is most likely the best way to proceed in starting or adding to your collection. All manner of maker, shape and size are available 24 hours a day! But remember that there must be a limit to what you are prepared to spend. Some people just like to have spurs for decoration and actually use them too - but others require them as a collector of fine mid west american history. Don't go mad - bidding too highly is easy to do.