Mexican Chihuahua Spurs

Another popular collectors item and one that is quite widely traded at shows and online are the Mexican spurs, worn by the Vaqeuero (the Spanish name in the US for cowboys or cattle herders).  These cast iron spurs were quite basic in design and often had very minimal flair or silver-work, but their unique look have made them very desirable to collectors.

The hall-marks of a pair of Mexican cowboy spurs can be summarized as follows:

  • Larger rowells with many points.
  • Simple design.
  • Basic or crude patterning or surface design.
  • Chunky or larger heel-bands.

The Mexican boot spur may also have a "Pajados" or "Jingle Bob" attached.  The Jingle Bob is a item that attaches to the rowell. This item gives the cowboy spur its distinctive jingle sound when walking.

mexican cowboy spurs