Antique Renalde Cowboy Spurs


Often known as Renalde Crockett Spurs, Crockett Renalde Spurs or CR spurs, the name manufacture of the Crockett Spurs company was bought by James Renalde of the Denver Metals Foundry company in 1951.

James and his son Jim Renalde also later purchased the Kelly Bit and Spur company in 1965 making them probably the largest owner of Spur making equipment, patents and techniques in America.

Renalde were also manufacturing horse equipment such as saddlery, buckles as well as aluminum bits and spurs. The purchase of the 2 companies made the Renalde and brand stronger than ever and they became the largest maker of spurs in America after the acquisition of their 2 rival companies.

After his father James's death in 1973, Jim continued to run the business but eventually sold the company in 1979 after renaming it to Crockett & Kelly Inc but the company eventually ceased to exist after 1980.


When purchasing a set of antique Renalde cowboy spurs, you are basically buying a pair of either Kelly Spurs or Crockett Spurs, branded or stamped using the Renalde name.

Crockett Renalde Spurs

Look for the stamp mark of CR and the image of a Horseshoe. This can be usually found on the heel band or the button swinger.

Kelly Renalde Spurs

The cowboy spurs originally manufactured and owned by the Kelly Bit and Spur company were still marked using the original KELLY markings - but look for spurs that have been manufactured after 1965.

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