Kids Cowboy Spurs

childrens cowboy spurs imageThere comes a time in the life of the ranchworker when the Cowgirl and the Cowboy get down in the hay to the sound of sweet country music and after a time, a little cowboy or cowgirl is born. When they are old enough to walk, they are old enough to be introduced to their first pair of spurs. Like father like son.

Child spurs are not just for show or decoration but can also be used for practical uses. Children who help their families out around the yard or are involved in ranch work, horse shows, simple pleasure riding or all out Rodeo riding will benefit from a good pair of snug fitted spurs.

Chldrens Spurs come in all shapes, designs and sizes for girls and boys too. Who can deny their little rodeo princess her first pair of pink cowboy spurs?

Most childrens spurs come in sizes to fit the normal range of kids shoes.

There are also a range of spurs available for babies and toddlers too - if you really wanted to purchase them for your loved ones. They could be a perfect gift for the arrival of a new baby into your own or a friends family.

Fitting and sizes

  • Mens adult spurs will fit shoe sizes 6 - 12
  • Ladies spurs will fit boot sizes 7 and up
  • Youth or ladies spurs will fit children of age 6 or upwards, kids size shoes or ladies whose feet are smaller than size 7.
  • Childrens spurs will fit shoes sizes to fit kids under the age of around 6.

Here is a link to a handy shoe size conversion guide.

kids cowboy costume

Kids Cowboy Costume

The addition of a set of Western Boot Spurs will also make the finishing touches to a kids cowboy costume or dressing up game. Cowboy wear is just as important for the younger generation too.

You could purchase a pair of spurs to be used as part of your western show clothing or as part of a parade or pageant.

Purchasing a cowboy costume for a child is fairly inexpensive, but getting the pair of spurs to go with them may just be the icing on the cake.

Buyers Guide

Remember to be sure that you are buying the spurs for the right reason. Some spurs are only decorative and are designed to be looked at - others are antique works of art, like the famous Crockett Spurs range that should be treasured and kept to grow in value and to be passed from generation to generation.

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