Silver Mounted Cowboy Spurs

silver mounted cowboy spurs

Owning a pair of western silver cowboy spurs is one thing that you could collect if you are interested in vintage americana items. Items from this time period are highly collectible and some are very valuable.

Mounted silver spurs are cowboy spurs that are made from steel, aluminium or brass and have silver shapes or parts attached to them. The shapes are then often tooled or engraved with patterns, designs or images to enhance them even further.

Diamonds or star shapes were most common with the Texas style spur designs, but you will also find animal, geometric or stylised shapes popular too. The silver mountings and shapes are attached to the spurs using silver solder or a small amount of liquid metal.

There are 2 separate kinds of silver mounted spurs. Single mounted spurs have the silver mountings on the outside of the heel band and shank - with the designs only visible on the outside. Double mounted cowboy spurs are heel spurs that have silver mountings on both sides, inside and out. The double variety are more valuable and therefore more collectible.

Nearly all of the main cowboy spur makers, such as Buermann, Crockett and Garcia all used silver to adorn their work. It not only made the items more unique, often requested by the wearers, but also more valuable to sell.

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