Cowboy Spurs Books

cowboy spurs and their makers bookAny enthusiast likes to know as much information and history of the items they are collecting. Collectors of Cowboy Spurs are no different.

Books on the subject provide an insight into the rich history and background surrounding the creation, design and making of these small pieces of history.

Cowboy Spur History

Do you enjoy reading the history of western spurs or relish the technical details of how boot spurs are made, designed and worn throughout the wild west and around the world?

Perhaps you wanted to know how the 3 largest makers and producers of spurs and other western equipment started. Where they were born and how they made their fame and fortune.

Books on Cowboy Spurs are not that commonplace, but some great information can be gained by reading this literature.

Western Catalogs

Any serious collector of western wholesale memorabilia or antique cowboy spurs will also be interested in the catalogs produced by the companies manufacturing cowboy spurs, bit, tack, saddlery and other blacksmith hardware.

The catalogs were designed to showcase the wares and products of each company and were distributed by traveling salesmen appointed by the companies. The salesmen would take orders which were sent back to be made and then forwarded to the new owner.

The catalogs contained items from guns to custom made saddles and are just as collectible as the items themselves.

Cowboy Spurs Books

Here are some good books on spurs, spur makers and their history, identification and value.

Cowboy Bits and Spurs - With Values

This book is an amazing resource on buying, collecting and approving value of western spurs also featuring details on the different styles of spurs and repair and care information too.

Bits and Spurs: Motifs, techniques and modern makers

A glorious full color hardback book featuring information on over 100 makers of spurs and contains over 900 full color photographs. This book is a must for any collector.

Cowboy Spurs and Their Makers

This book contains information, history and interviews with the spur makers, associates and family members of such greats as Renalde and Crockett. Packed full of photographs and a comprehensive guide to the makers stamps found on spurs, you will find this book to be an amazing tome of information.

Cowboy and Gunfighter Collectibles

This recommended book by Bill Mackin features not just Western Cowboy Spurs, but also other collectible items related to cowboys and the mid-west. You will be able to find a good listing of branding marks and also prices and valuation tips and advice too. A perfect book for those who are serious collectors.

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