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North and Judd spurs (N&J) are one of the most collectible types of saddlery hardware, cowboy equipment and especially western spurs. From their humble beginnings in pre 1800 to the well known North & Judd Manufacturing Company of Connecticut in 1878, North and Judd have become one of the finest makers of boot spurs.

From the flamboyant to the plain, the style and design of these parts of American history are highly sought after in the minds of Heel Spur collectors. North and Judd were responsible for manufacturing and supplying the US army during the Civil war and by the early 1900s had over 500 staff working for them.

If you are interested in purchasing a set of these spurs, make sure they are marked with the famous North & Judd Anchor. The anchor trademark which was used on all of their saddlery hardware including bits, buckles, rings, terrets and harnesses is the recognized mark of a quality maker.


All of the North and Judd Spurs were made from either Iron, Brass or Bronze. The processes also involved nickel plating, electro-brass plating or just burnished and polished.

Always look for the Anchor brand mark on the spurs or items you are purchasing.

north and judd spurs anchor mark

You may wish to bear in mind that in 1926, North and Judd acquired the Buermann Company, their competitor and a well known maker of spurs, bits and stirrups.

The famous Buermann Star brand and trademark was transferred to North and Judd who changed its use slightly. The Buermann spurs made under the ownership of N&J were now stamped with a small star under the outside buttons.

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Buermann North Judd Five Spot Spurs
Vtg Pair Of NORTH JUDD Anchor Brand Western Cowboy Spurs in Nice Shape
Antique Star Dot Old Iron Anchor Mkd North Judd Spurs with Old Leather Straps

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Vintage Pair Of NORTH JUDD Anchor Western Cowboy Spurs with New Leather
Vintage Leather Bridle North Judd Bit and Cinch w North Judd Buckles
Vintage Set Of NORTH JUDD Anchor Logo Western Cowboy Spurs W Leather Straps

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Vintage North and Judd Spurs with Leather Straps Western Cowboy Spurs
Vintage Pair of NORTH JUDD Anchor Western Cowboy Bull Riding Spurs w Straps
Pair North Judd SPURS Smaller size fix button Cowboy Western 921232

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  1. I have a pair of Spurs I believe are North and Judd’s solid silver with outer stamp and engraving with Pat number 4-2015 with a star under the Pat number,any info would be appreciated
    I purchased these spurs in southern Idaho near 30 year’s ago, thanks

  2. What is the best way to sell North and Judd(Buermann with star trademark)? Very good condition with original leather straps.

  3. I have old spur with an anchor and a letter L. I do not know what the means, could you please help. Your te is greatly appreciated. All the way from Texas!! Thank You!!


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