How to fit riding spurs

Das Boots (Ft. Worth, TX)

Image credit: joebrent

Riding spurs come in all different shapes and sizes, but this is just a general guide to fitting them.

  1. Start by fitting the heel of your boot into the U-shaped part of the spur known as the Yoke or Shank.
  2. The boot spur should rest at the top of the heel, where it meets the main body of the boot.
  3. Attach the strap from the ankle around the front of the boot.
  4. Some spurs will have a second strap that should run underneath the boot near to the heel. If yours does, fasten that one on too.
  5. Make sure the riding spur fit is snug, and the spurs shouldn't wobble at all. If they do then tighten the straps until they stop.

And there you go. Make sure you know what you are doing if you plan to ride a horse and use spurs. If used incorrectly they can cause the horse some pain, panic fear and discomfort.