Custom Spurs

Everyone has their own style, personality and fashion sense and wearing custom cowboy spurs is no different.

custom boot spurs

Custom Spur

The neck and Rowels are the most common part of the spur to be custom made to the owners design with more decorative and unique designs becoming more popular all the time.

A handmade set of silver spurs with a patterned yoke and custom made rowells are highly collectible and sought after by fans of the western style clothing and equipment.

A set of custom spurs that are hand made to compliment the wearers boots and costume are also very popular.

Custom Spur Straps

A great way to personalize a set of custom spurs is to also get yourself a pair of custom made spur straps. The straps, which fit over the boot from one side to the other are made from leather and can be adorned with any possible design you can think of. Image a set of straps that have been tooled and covered in glittering rhinestones or a set of western spur straps that have been hand stitched.

Surely a set of Custom Cowboy Spurs are the perfect finish to your Western Show Clothing or costume.

Spurs are no longer just a part of a hard working cowboys clothing, they are a fashion item, a statement about their wearer and a forever living item from American History.

Nothing says more about the western enthusiast than their pair of custom western spurs. Decorated in silver, gold and even diamonds custom made spurs have become as much an important piece of western show clothing as other pieces of jewelery or watches.

Western Wedding Wear

A set of custom handmade spurs will be a unique and treasured gift. As a wedding favor, you would be able to get matching his and hers spurs with the names of the happy couple engraved on the side or stitched into the spur strap. As part of the western wedding wear, Spurs will be the finishing touch to the grooms outfit.

You can be guaranteed that a set of these handmade items will be unique and not available elsewhere. If you seek to be individual and to stand out from the other vaqueros, a set of custom spurs are for you.

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