Western Spur Straps

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Where would you be without your Western Spur Straps? Left without your boot spurs - thats where!

Custom designed and hand tooled spur straps are available here.


Choose from a wide range of designs and types from leather to ones with velcro fastenings for western fashion items. English Spur Straps which are more conservative in design are also available from the list of products below.

You can also get your leather spur straps made in a huge range of colors with different images, patterns, designs and logos printed or stitched into the spur straps too. Some images and patterns are embroidered but can also be painted onto the leather too. Different color tans and dyes are also used to color the leather straps to ensure that you can get exactly what you need.

Custom spur straps with rhinestone decoration and fancy designing are also very popular with those who might want to use them as a pair of show spurs for events such as western parades, rodeos or western themed parties.

dove wing spur straps

The shapes of western spur straps vary but a common and popular design are known as the Dove Wing design. Shaped like a doves wing, it is shaped to arc from one side of the spur over the bridge of your boot and fasten to the other side. The dove wing is also designed to be put on easily.


The majority of spur straps are made from leather and feature either brass, silver or steel buckles. You might even be able to get yourself a set of western spur straps with gold buckles!

Black spur straps are popular with a certain subset of people interested in cowboy spurs and related cowboy clothing and memorabilia and can also be used as fashion items as well as for ranchwork.

Sizing and fitting

Spur straps come in different sizes and should match the distance between the 2 fastening buttons. The measurement is taken over the top of the foot. Most spur straps also have several sizing holes in the fastening part of the leather to allow you to ensure that the fit is snug against your boot.

No cowboy or cowgirl should be without a spare set of straps!

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Hand Tooled Western Leather Spur Straps Texas Cowboy Spurs Ranch Cowboy Marked
Les Vogt Performax Iron Silver Cowboy Using Horse Spurs Champion Turf Straps
Leather Spur Straps Basketweave Cowboy Buckaroo style NEW

As an eBay Partner, I may be compensated if you make a purchase.

Cowboy Spur Straps 29115
Showman Mens Tooled Leather Spur Straps w Copper Praying Cowboy Conchos
Fancy Cowboy Spurs with nice straps

As an eBay Partner, I may be compensated if you make a purchase.

Showman Mens Tooled Leather Spur Straps w Silver Engraved Praying Cowboy
Contour Cowboy Spur Straps Heavy Duty Herman Oak Harness Leather Schutz Bros New
Small Humane Cowboy Spur with Leather Strap Unmarked Western Americana

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  1. Could you tell me why western spur straps are designed the way they are. That is, the large circular amount of leather under the buckle and on the side of the foot/boot?


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