Western Show Spurs

If you want to look your best at the next horsemanship event, rodeo you attend or at the next dance where you might meet your next cowgirl (or cowboy!), you might want to consider buying a set of custom designed show spurs.

A set of these spurs will finish off your outfit and make you look 100 percent the real cowboy. Designed to compliment your outfit, a pair of show spurs will ensure that all eyes will be on you and your horse. A pair of show spurs will be highly polished and decorated, engraved or mounted with silver, gold, bronze or copper motifs, logos or patterns.

Show spurs are gleaming, shiny, attractive and beautiful to look at and are always kept in the best condition. The owner will look after these spurs and make sure that they shine. In competition, the look of the rider and horse is very important, so the wearer of the western show clothes and show spurs will want them and their horse to look the best in the ring. It is not uncommon for a set of custom cowboy spurs to be made to order for such an event.

Western show clothing is worn either at social events or at gatherings and competitions such as displays of horsemanship or western shows. The wearers of this type of clothing want to look their best, but also keep their wild west roots at heart and their western wear clothes reflect this. Sharp shirts, cowboy hats and boots and western wear jewellery finish off the outfit and leave the wearer looking and feeling the part.

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Showman Mens Black Steel Show Spurs w Copper Cross Silver Praying Cowboy
Vintage Sterling Silver Heart Silver Dot Engraved Horse Cowboy Iron Spurs
Showman Mens Antique Brown Steel Show Spurs w Gold Praying Cowboy

As an eBay Partner, I may be compensated if you make a purchase.

Vintage Chilean Cowboy Horse Show Spurs in Presentation Box
AJ Tack Praying Cowboy Copper Cross Western Show Spurs Mens

As an eBay Partner, I may be compensated if you make a purchase.

Showman Mens Brown Steel Show Spurs w Gold Silver Praying Cowboy Design
handmage maker marked Paul Garcia working cowboy spurs

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