Cavalry Spurs

The use of boot spurs in a military cavalry is something that historically has been used in many different militia throughout the ages. Cavalry Spurs were widely used as items of award or as a sign of rank and experience within a cavalry and were given to those soldiers who had progressed on to more … Read more Cavalry Spurs

Western Spur Straps

Where would you be without your Western Spur Straps? Left without your boot spurs – thats where! Custom designed and hand tooled spur straps are available here. Designs Choose from a wide range of designs and types from leather to ones with velcro fastenings for western fashion items. English Spur Straps which are more conservative … Read more Western Spur Straps

Ladies Western Spurs

As much a part of your outfit as your western jewellery and apparel is, Ladies Western Spurs show who you are, what you are and how amazing you can look too! All cowboys have a little lady back home on the ranch. But those little ladies just want to be Cowgirls too! Designed to fit … Read more Ladies Western Spurs

Cowboy Spurs

History The cowboy spur started life as a small metal spike attached to the foot called a Prick, back in the 11th century. Throughout the centuries, the spur has changed in use and design. Mounted Knights in the medieval ages were awarded them as a sign of their rank. Cowboy Spurs were mainly used to … Read more Cowboy Spurs

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This page sets forth the site terms and privacy policies of Site Terms I. LINKS TO OTHER SITES This Site hasrelationships with other companies that we allow to place ads and linkson our Web pages. As a result of your visit to This Site, ad servercompanies may collect information such as your domain type, … Read more Privacy Policy