Spanish Cowboy Spurs

When you look at a traditional cowboy spur, worn by the American cowboys, you have to remember, it was not something that was created in the US – it was actually Spanish Cowboy Spurs made by the Spanish back in the late 16th century. The spur was brought to “The New World” by the Spanish … Read more

Mexican Chihuahua Spurs

Another popular collectors item and one that is quite widely traded at shows and online are the Mexican spurs, worn by the Vaqeuero (the Spanish name in the US for cowboys or cattle herders). ┬áThese cast iron spurs were quite basic in design and often had very minimal flair or silver-work, but their unique look … Read more

The Spur: History, Art, Culture, Function

This book is a must if you are interested in collecting anything related to western american memorabilia. The book, part of a 3 part series on cowboy gear, features photographs by David R. Stoecklein showing cowboys spurs and related items in glorious color and in perfect detail. The amazing workmanship can be seen in each … Read more

Antique Cowboy Spurs

When you think of Cowboys you probably think of several things. The hats, the guns, the horses and their Spurs. The history of Antique Cowboy Spurs goes back as far as ancient Rome and can be traced through history to their use in the American West. The use of the spur spread to other countries … Read more

Cowboy Spurs

Welcome to our site where you can get information and great deals on Western, Antique and custom cowboy spurs. Please Like our new Facebook page for more information and to speak to fellow Cowboy Spurs lovers. Western spurs are one of the most recognizable items in a Cowboys equipment. Not just a handy tool for … Read more