Western Show Spurs

If you want to look your best at the next horsemanship event, rodeo you attend or at the next dance where you might meet your next cowgirl (or cowboy!), you might want to consider buying a set of custom designed show spurs. A set of these spurs will finish off your outfit and make you … Read more

Mexican Chihuahua Spurs

Another popular collectors item and one that is quite widely traded at shows and online are the Mexican spurs, worn by the Vaqeuero (the Spanish name in the US for cowboys or cattle herders). ┬áThese cast iron spurs were quite basic in design and often had very minimal flair or silver-work, but their unique look … Read more

Full Mounted Spurs

If you are looking for the best pair of antique western spurs to add to your collection, you might want to consider getting yourself a pair of Full Mounted Spurs or Double Mounted Spurs. This term refers to the extra designs, images or “flash” that are mounted all around both sides of the cowboy spur … Read more

Cavalry Spurs

The use of boot spurs in a military cavalry is something that historically has been used in many different militia throughout the ages. Cavalry Spurs were widely used as items of award or as a sign of rank and experience within a cavalry and were given to those soldiers who had progressed on to more … Read more

Novelty Cowboy Spurs

What could be better than to turn up to your next party dressed as a real cowboy! To dress as a cowboy, you will need to make sure you have the following items: A cowboy hat A red and white neckerchief A checked, cotton shirt A pair of cowboy boots A pair of fake leather … Read more

Cowboy Spurs Books

Any enthusiast likes to know as much information and history of the items they are collecting. Collectors of Cowboy Spurs are no different. Books on the subject provide an insight into the rich history and background surrounding the creation, design and making of these small pieces of history. Cowboy Spur History Do you enjoy reading … Read more

Ladies Western Spurs

As much a part of your outfit as your western jewellery and apparel is, Ladies Western Spurs show who you are, what you are and how amazing you can look too! All cowboys have a little lady back home on the ranch. But those little ladies just want to be Cowgirls too! Designed to fit … Read more

Kids Cowboy Spurs

There comes a time in the life of the ranchworker when the Cowgirl and the Cowboy get down in the hay to the sound of sweet country music and after a time, a little cowboy or cowgirl is born. When they are old enough to walk, they are old enough to be introduced to their … Read more

English Spurs | Prince Of Wales Spurs

English Riding Spurs In total contrast to the flamboyant and show spurs of the US, Mexico and Spain, the English spur is a thin, sleek and nimble spur that is mainly used in dressage and horse-riding events. The spur, usually silver, also has a rounded or flat end instead of a rowel to help control … Read more

Custom Spurs

Everyone has their own style, personality and fashion sense and wearing custom cowboy spurs is no different. Custom Spur The neck and Rowels are the most common part of the spur to be custom made to the owners design with more decorative and unique designs becoming more popular all the time. A handmade set of … Read more