Ricardo Spurs

Ricardo spurs are not antiques and can be considered to be of a more contemporary or modern design and manufacturing process.  The Ricardo Metal Manufacturers company started making spurs in the 1930s in Denver, Colorado and then Victoria, Texas. However, they are now considered to be one of the finest makers of Cowboy Spurs and … Read more

McChesney Cowboy Spurs

If you are looking to find the person who may have been the grandfather of the Texas spur style, then Robert John McChesney certainly fits the bill. McChesney was the first to sell hand made spurs in Texas in around 1887. After moving around, as they did in those days, he took up business in … Read more

Cowboy Spurs Books

Any enthusiast likes to know as much information and history of the items they are collecting. Collectors of Cowboy Spurs are no different. Books on the subject provide an insight into the rich history and background surrounding the creation, design and making of these small pieces of history. Cowboy Spur History Do you enjoy reading … Read more

Antique Crockett Cowboy Spurs

History The now famous Crockett spurs were created by Oscar Crockett who was born in Pecos, Texas in 1887. After his brother Arthur, Oscar wanted to also become a maker of Cowboy Spurs and after watching his brothers work he gained the skills and knowledge to manufacture his own. Oscar began to also produce other … Read more

Buermann Cowboy Spurs

Buermann Spurs are one of the most famous and sought after designs from one of the most famous makers in Cowboy Spur history. He can be considered to be a good businessman too, as he fulfilled the need of creating many different types of spurs and also aggressively patenting his brands/logos and designs.  What ever … Read more

Sites We Like

National Bit Spur and Saddle Collectors Association – If you are a serious collector or are looking for someone to contact about spurs, this is the place to go. Wikipedia page on Spurs – The page on Wikipedia, all about cowboy spurs, their history and uses. OldSpurs.com – An amazing website maintained by Dale Fenton, with all the history you will … Read more

Cowboy Spurs

Welcome to our site where you can get information and great deals on Western, Antique and custom cowboy spurs. Please Like our new Facebook page for more information and to speak to fellow Cowboy Spurs lovers. Western spurs are one of the most recognizable items in a Cowboys equipment. Not just a handy tool for … Read more