The Spur: History, Art, Culture, Function

cowboy spurs book

This book is a must if you are interested in collecting anything related to western american memorabilia. The book, part of a 3 part series on cowboy gear, features photographs by David R. Stoecklein showing cowboys spurs and related items in glorious color and in perfect detail.

The amazing workmanship can be seen in each of the items that David has chosen to photograph and they are all stunning images and great examples of the skill of their makers.

You will be able to learn about the different styles and types of cowboy spurs and how they changed through the ages and how they differed in different parts of the country. You will also be able to see great examples of Mexican and Spanish spurs.

With each photograph comes a back story of the item being shown which only adds to the richness of the images you are looking at.

If you are an antique cowboy spurs collector or are interested in fine vintage American items, then this book will be a perfect addition to your bookshelf.

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