Half Mounted Spurs

Half Mounted Spurs

When purchasing a pair of cowboy spurs or vintage cowboy spurs, it is important to know as much information about the item you are buying.

As you become more proficient in knowing the marks of the spur makers and the different designs of rowels, you will be able to spot a pair of North and Judd spurs a mile away.

The term Half Mounted Spurs refers to the silver decoration adorning the spur itself. Half Mounted means that the silver is only visible on one half of the spur - usually the outside so that others can see the decoration.

Half Mounted Spurs can feature a wide range of designs of silver, bronze or copper decals, patterns or motifs. I suspect you could even get a pair with your name mounted on too - if you really wanted!

If you look at the picture above you can see that the silver decoration is only on the outside of the spur, not on the inside.